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These are our videoclips in HQ (digitally recorded and edited) (Click on photo for preview):

November 2019

Pedal Pumping White Sneakers No Bra, 13 minutes, 434 MB, 12 dollar
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This young girl has a car that has had many small accidents so has many colors because of all the replaced parts. She shows you the car and what happened to it. Nice downblouse when opening hood. 1 minute.
You can see she is not wearing a bra. She checks the oil. 1 minute.

Very nice downblouse when she shows the the interior of the car. 1 minute. When she wants to go it does not start (cranking facial) for 1 minute. View on sneakers while pedal pumping, sometimes very hard,  for 3 1/2 minutes until it runs. She drives off. View on the feet while driving and shifting for 1 1/2 minute.
After a stop she turns off the engine so the pedal pumping begins all over. 2 1/2 minutes. Too cool down the engine she shows the car again, and also some nice cleavage and even a nipple.

She gives up and abandons the car.

She wears a grey top, grey vest, jeans and has white sneakers. And no bra :-)
See also part 2

October 2019

Pumping in stockings and sandals, 19 minutes, 780 MB, 18 dollar
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This big breasted woman wants to bring you to the station beause you missed the bus. She wears a purple shirt, grey miniskirt, black panties and silver birkenstock sandals. But her car does not start (cranking facial for 1 minute. She opens the hood. She fiddles with the fuses and it has effect. Because when she is pedal pumping (3 minutes) the car finally starts. 1 minute driving while braking and shifting until the car halts in the middle of the road. You see this moment when the engine stops and she is pedal pumping for a minute until it runs again.
Driving for 1 1/2 minute until she stops at the station. She shows how the controls on the dashboard work and also shows a nice cleavage (1 minute). View from outside where you see her getting in, starting the car and driving off. Only to get stranded after 20 meters in the middle of the road.
Cranking for a minute (from outside) after you help her push the car to the side. Cranking from outside for 1 minute. Pedal pumping from the side for 2 minutes.
Someone comes to help. She connects the wires to the battery. 2 minutes of pedal pumping before it runs. Ending with a shot of her getting in and driving off.

September 2019

Extreme pedal pumping in the forest, 14 minutes, 399 MB, 13 dollar
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This young girl lives in the countryside. So her car has sturdy fenders and she wears sturdy boots.
She left her car in the forest for a while but now wants to go into town. But it does not start, cranking (facial) for 1 minute.

It already makes a weaker sound. Pedal pumping in her light brown boots for 2 minutes. Sometimes it almost starts and sometimes it sounds like the battery is dying. She gets out and tests the gascable. You can see the pedal moving.
After 3 minutes of pedal pumping she gets it started but has a lot of trouble to keep the stuttering engine going. 2 1/2 more minutes with pedal pumping, stalling and getting it started she is able to keep it running.
Driving with view on the boots for 1 minute.

On the way back again trouble. Cranking (facial) for 1 minute. Pedal pumping for 2 minutes until it runs. She thinks there is a gas flow problem.

Ending with a shot of her getting in and driving off.

August 2019

Pedal pumping Birkenstocks, 15 minutes, 519 MB, 14 dollar
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This big breasted woman shows a nice cleavage when she shows you where the water is coming into her car after washing it. When she wants to start the car after a minute she can not get it started. The washing of the car probably messed with the ignitation.
1 minute of cranking (facial). Pedal pumping with view on the birkenstock sandals for 3 minutes until she gets it going.
3 minutes driving (on the shoes or facial).

On the way back again trouble. Cranking (facial) 1/2 minute, pedal pumping for 5 minutes until she finally succeeds. Ending shot with her driving off.

July 2019

Mehari in winter, 10 minutes, 320 MB, 9 dollar
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She has a nice cabrio car for the summer. But in winter time she needs to drive it a bit to charge the battery. She has brown boots and blue jeans and a winter coat. She first shows you that the car can not rust because it is made from fibers like the Trabant. 2 minutes. A small downblouse with her white T shirt. But then it does not start.  1 1/2 minutes from the side while pedal pumping with view on body and pedals. 3 1/2 minutes only feet while pedal pumping until it finally starts. 1 minute while driving view on pedals while braking and shifting. Ending with a shot while she walks to the car and sees if it still starts after this ride.


Stranded at station 18 minutes, 870 MB, 16 dollar
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This clip of a real woman has it all. Trouble starting her car, pedal pumping in her boots, car cranking where you see her frustration, driving with shifting and also cranking from outside the car. And some nice downblouse with this big breasted woman.

April 2019

BareFoot Open Roof Passenger Perspective  14 minutes, 337 MB, 14 dollar
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She drives barefoot in her old green car. You can ride along and show her adventures from a passenger perspective. After leaving she almost has an accident when she does not give priority to a car from the right. After stopping cranking and pedal pumping with a good view on the feet. Also nice downblouse scenes.

March 2019

Beauty specialist without gas 13 minutes, 538 MB, 13 dollar
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You can see she is a beauty specialist, she is looking very good. You can also see she works out in her tight jogging pants. She has black/white sneakers.

But when she wants to leave her car does not want to/is not able to. Pedal pumping a lot. Also car cranking until she realizes she has no gas. She goes to get some from the petrol station and after a while it starts. Only to get stranded after a while. She did nog put in enough gas?

Many minutes of pedal pumping, a bit driving in her sneakers and car cranking.

February 2019

 Towed by caravan  11 minutes, 537 MB, 11 dollar
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She is proud of her car which she has restored as an old model without a third window. She shows you the inside and also shows a nice cleavage. She wears a purple top, jeans and brown flipflops.

She shows where a neighbour has by accident towed her car when driving back with a caravan and towing it a through the street.

 She also shows the engine. But when she wants to leave it does not start, Cranking (facial) for 2 minutes. She checks the engine, pedal pumping for a minute. When it runs view on the feet while shifting and braking for a minute. After stopping shortly she needs to crank again (facial) for 1/2 minute, pedal pumping for 1 1/2 minutes. She opens the hood again to check. No gas.

She abandons the car to pick up gas later an try again. She shows a nice downblouse while closing the car.